Reviews for "Helmet Study"


I'm no good at reviews so ill just say I love it.

Very Well Donw!

I ended up hunting up the original picture so I could compare the two of them. And I will admit you have done a very, very nice job.

As for improvements, I would like to see some more stronger highlights and a few stronger shadows. This will really help make the helmet look like it was polished to a high sheen.

I also wish you had a much larger version of this. I'm one of those who like to see everything, and I do mean everything.
Really nice man. really nice.

thdark responds:

Your image hunting skills are astounding, haha.

I agree with the improvements, I just spent far too long on this, considering it was just supposed to be a study.

As for size, I actually made it larger than the source image I had on hand. I would have loved to start from a larger source, but this drawing was on a whim.
Thank you for the critique and comments, I appreciate it!


a beautiful, beautiful work of art. Would be very cool to see a full suit of similar armor.

uiuiui, Das ist aber auch harter Tobak! sehr fein, mein lieber Scholli und technisch so versiert. :)

* jaw drops *

perrrrfect realism holy cow