Reviews for "Star Wars Gangsta Rap: SE"

i watched this video a long time ago and i still find it equally fascinating and funny to watch to this day! this is really a clever idea, pure gold 5/5

I got chills when i watched this.

I first watched it ages ago in my first year of secondary school and in my 3rd year i performed it with my mates in front of assembly. I was shit scared at first but when we did it it was awesome. now when ever i watch this i remember that.

but yeah its good.

So much hate for this. WHY? This thing is classic. I watched this for the first time when I was only just in highschool. I'm now 20 and I just nostalgia'd all over my floor.


It's imperative that you understand, my boy, that this IS THE MOST EPIC STAR WARS PARODY EVAR!! (Yes, with an "A")