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Reviews for "Punk-O-Matic Char. Create"

A momentary diversion

Good stuff. Not a whole bunch to do, but if a guy's got a second, it makes for a fun wasted second. Plus, good music.

Right on man!

AHAHA... i already explained it in my title...


Dylanischillin is right

Im not that big of a punk fan either and there is no bass,its just a rythum guitar and a lead guitar, and I know I play the guitar k g supizzle


ok, punk o matic is was a kewl concept but i dont like punk.......
First off all, i say this for all guitar players: Its not a fucking bass, they are both electric guitars..... you could of put more stuff to put on them...overall pretty good (except for confusing the bass for the guitar..pissed guitar and bass players off (i'm a guitar player))


It's a shame you coulden't have uploaded those to the punkomatic. :( But we could dream. Hey! why not do a Technomatic!?