Reviews for "Super Utensil 3000"



Come on gel, you can do better!!

It was too short, it was good compared to the average submission, but not as good as spin!!
positive:nice idea, funny
negative:short, a bit strange!!?!?!!!?

Liked it :)

Yeh, it was funny :) the graphics were smooth and stuff and it was comedy material. It was a bit short, but hey, it was a good movie...well done mate :)

Nice Try

Close but no cigar. I hated the fact that you put in actual video into a submission. I'm not a fan of that. The dusty, and choppy "photoshopping" as I call it isn't that great. In fact, I hated it.

gel responds:

Well, I can just assume that you didn't read my review response to someone else that this was an assignment for class where we were required to use video in the Flash movie. Why do you think there is an import option for video? Because Flash is a great codec? Because people like downloading 5 megs to watch a tiny low-res little window for 30 seconds? No, because there are actual uses for video in a Flash file.

Take those drumsticks out of your ass for a second and think about what you wrote. Note that I didn't use Photoshop at all for this Flash, I used Flash and Ulead video editor to capture video from my camera. Also, I'm "not a fan" of Flash where all they do is import some video, especially something they didn't make, like a rip straight off a dvd, but this was about 4 seconds of video in a 30 second Flash. There was a purpose to using the video, not because I can't animate. It's an infomercial, and in infomercials, you get actual people, not some cartoon person.

26 seconds of the Flash was done in Flash, that is, sans video. Does that all just not matter once I hit the import button?

You have every right to like or dislike something, but to review my movie and give your reason for not liking it to be because I used a little imported video and you're "not a fan" is idiotic.

Funny, but its Dustball that made the animation.

Gel, I appreciate your attempt to help humanity with your super Utensils and whatnots, but make sure you put Dustball in themm, he made me laugh so hard I cried.

No just kidding, cant wait to see more from you (but I guess I have too :()