Reviews for "Super Utensil 3000"

It was okay

It was decent... But honestly, I can guess how you thought up the idea for this... You probably just we're thinking "I wanna make a Newgruonds cartoon... Mmmm I'll just do what everyonce else does... some 30 second funny comercial!" It's really typical... I Just don't see why a cartoon like this which probably could be done in a day is raited higher than this?: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/177746

I rest my case... Too typical and easy

gel responds:

Next time, read some review responses before you decide you know what I was thinking. I've already stated why I created this movie. It was a project for class.

Look at my other Flash movies, perhaps NG's most popular of mine, "Love, Wink," or "Spin." I don't ever think, "I wanna make a NewGrounds cartoon... Mmmmm I'll just make what everone else does... some 30 second commercial." I don't see how that is typical. Show me 10 NG movies that are 30 second commercials. It can't be typical unless it's been done a lot. I have not seen this done a lot, or that "everyone else does." Prove me wrong.

As you suggested, I DID do it in a day, in fact, the night before the assignment was due. I posted it on a forum and the visitors liked it, so I submitted it to NG, whether EVERYONE likes it or not. Forget batting average, I put it up if I want, and some will like it, some won't. You may have said it was decent, but don't act like you somehow know what I was thinking.

By the way, I watched that movie you linked to, it should have a higher score. I don't speak for NewGrounds.


it seems alil cliche to me, ive seen things like this alot. but it was pretty good, the sound was of great quality, and i didnt see anything wrong with the art, it looks like u did alot of copy and paste eh? but it was pretty good overall. 7/10

gel responds:

No, I didn't do much copy and pasting at all. I use a lot of ActionScripting in my movies, most of the rest of this movie is tweening.


That was funny. Good job. It was a little short though, but it was just an ad. Short and sweet.

gel responds:

Yes, that's all it is, an ad. Not everything submitted has to get a 4.15. It IS just an ad and it has a decent score for it. I don't see the need for others (not you) to complain. 3.69 is not a very high score, but it's fine for this little movie.


did you make the widget or did you have it out sourced?


Great work! that was funny haha.