Reviews for "Super Utensil 3000"

Very original

I think lots of people have these kinda ideas, but no-one makes anything of them. Also I thought it was funny how he wasn't sure whcih utensil to use on a BANANA!!! Dumbass, you use a whisk and a cheeseboard!


lol nice

That was funny, but wasn't like funny where i laugh my ass off.


I laughed off my pants. I sure could use one of those! Lol this really reminds me of the inventor's channel.


As I watched this, I kept thinking of a sketch comedy I once saw featuring an all in one utensil... either it was SNL or MadTV, though I can't remember exactly.

Whether or not this was inspired by that particular skit, I feel that though the idea was good, it wasn't executed well... the time put into a submission really does show.

On the whole, average. Nothing too spectacular, not all too funny either. Cute though, particurally the legal text at the bottom, and the easter eggs. Nicely done.


well it was okay, but the only thing that made me laugh was: the tiny text at the bottom of the ending screen :) aah wel it wasnt that bad :)