Reviews for "Super Utensil 3000"

Nope didnt do anything

I didnt find it funny, or even midly amusing. Nice effort, but i just dont see anything funny. Ok keep it up, and mabey make it longer or somthing, i dont know, that was just completely blank and bland

lol funny

There's nothing wrong with giving a good rating to this flash ,it was funny, these are the kinds of flashes you watch only once, that's why it's the daily feature, it was sort of short but very creative, since the print at the bottom makes it funnier, heheh, if you don't like it there's no need of wasting your time offending the author, you know you could use the super utensil 3k

Very Very Cool

That was a good combination of real footage and flash, and with excellent sound, a suberb package.


Funny and creative, but short.


That was good, unique just like the fan :-D.