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Reviews for "Today."

Great work

in this flash it shows how the western culture has gone down the can loved it alot keep up the good work, oh and all the ppl who wrote bad on your work are probably bush ass kissers

Dont let ppl get u down ..U got talent man.

if u'r 14, you've got talent man .
Contains V.well drawn Graphics.music was suited for the flash..and if u feeling down, dont take the happy pill ..go smoke a joint dat will cheer u up for a few days :)


Pretty good, as everyone else has said, decent artwork and good animations.


I think it'd have a better effect if u didnt use the 'Golden Brown' song... As a huge fan of Snatch, i just dont feel any emoticion from it coz snatch is hilarious. Maybe some coldplay or some sort of emoticional type of song...................................................

"i wrote it when i was 12
i only just figured out the meaning"


It wasn't a particularly complex idea...

Yeah you got it all figured out....

Music from Snatch and idea from Fight Club, clearly your a Brad Pitt fan. Im sure this movie makes you feel special and "enlightened" but lets face it,lots of people have made movies like this, and trust me at 14, your clueless. So lets cut the bull shit and grow up a little.

nbh responds:

this is what im addressing. nobody can have a view if theyre a kid.
"and trust me at 14, your clueless."
im from bosnia orginally. ive seen what you cant imagine. the pain ive been through im sorry to tell you, but, your wrong man.
im experienced. and maybe more than you.

I personaly hate that style of dressing

very true, this fits my saying "you act the way you dress"

nbh responds:

your the only guy ive ever seen that knows what guyver is! rock on
the anime series was the best in the cyberpunk collection... easily.