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Reviews for "Today."

Wow, its so true

its horrible how its cool to be gangster and all hardcore with violence and shit, its all this rap, its fucking with kids minds its horrible, Rock owns it

Tells a serious Message

I didn't find this exciting to watch but I totally agree with the message this is giving. What the hell has the world lowered itself to? You can't go anywhere without people being violent or hearing of it and countries out there which are needlessly torn by war. Gangland violence is acceptable because the police won't do anything. They're probably on the pay-roll. Fucking corrupt shit!


you did a great job man .keep up the good work.


Awesome. I love how u picked a mature and classic soundtrack for this piece. It went excellent with the animation. It also shows your creativity and musical maturity. Even though ur only 14 yet. The artwork was very well done. Although i missed backgrounds and maybe some simple colour tones the whole thing still came across stylish. U obviously wanted to make a statement with this flash. Although i completely understand what ur point is and i feel the same way at times too, u could have implented the message less obvious and maybe without words. This is in my eyes the biggest flaw of the flash. Try for example looking at the animation 'Smile' in the top 50. It has the same depressing and critical view on life, but yet only those who think and doubt things in life can really see the true meaning. Still, i dont blame you too much for this, cause you are still so young. As u age, u will develop yourself and learn more about life and so will ur artistic views. Maybe im being a little bit too phylosophical but i think that u understand what i mean. Take care.

I wish I was a ganster...

Dude, if you the world is fucked up today, Imagine how life was back in the feudal times. How do you want life to be like? There's always a message missing in these editorial pieces. All good editorials have a call to action. A way to change how life really is.