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Reviews for "Today."


I thought you did a great job with the drawings, they were simple and rough, which matched the mood perfectly. I didn't see any subliminal messages... a series of fast moving images doesn't mean they are submiminal. The images that appeared had everything to do with message you were conveying. Subliminal images are images that appear so briefly that the conscious mind doesn't realize it was seen, but the effects of the hidden images affect the unconsious mind. Anyway, good job. Sorry that last guy freaked out on you. This movie would never deserve all zeros.

WARNING: Contains Subliminal Shit

Anything which gets off by throwing subliminal crap at you should get blammed. Nice point n' all, but for crying out loud, subliminal image slideshows are not good. Even if you didn't intend it to be subliminal it was moving fast enough.


... you can do better. The animation wasn´t too great. I know the point of it is showing a message (wich is not "gangsters are cool", MrNiceGuy99), but that adults-are-bad-too slideshow, doesn´t really work. Some of the images you use show something bad. Like the war pics... But why Marilyn Manson or some sexy girl?

I see ur point here

But seriously. I understand if ur trying to put a message across, but why the fuck would i be interested in bein a gangster(im 12 and like rap). I mean those guys r total bull. They have no idea wat they're gettin into. I only like rap for its beats and rhymes, im not gonna go copying all that fake shit they talk about bcuz they pretend they do. oh and b4 you make another animation with a 'message' try get atleast a bit of animation that doesnt look like a fish in slow mosion. Plus the music sucked.

Very Good Music By The Stranglers There

Very good and true. Why is it cool to be a gangster?