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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"


thats cool there are alot of games and there aight im just just plaiying not alot only 3

Norwegian-Blue responds:

oh well....didnt understand much of that...but i guess i should thank you.

thank you.

oh yeh!!

W00t! great games, my man. i loved em. they were nice and simple, and easy to play. very nice indeed.
the bag racer game was awesome, and i always love a good arrow-key bashing session! hehehe... (time was 8.1) lol...
the helicopter/monkey game was also really fun, but as you will probably here a lot more, 't3h graphics suXX0rz'... well, to me the didnt, but as always, they could have been improved on. but still, it had a really cool style to it, and the idea itself was just crazily cool! i mean, catching flying MONKEYS with a net, in a helicopter!?! heheh. ure origional, i'll give ya that. heh.
overall, the layout of the games was very good, and im glad there were easy controls and instructions. so thank you for giving me some good gaming experience! nice work!
overall score: 7/10

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Hooray, thanks for the good, long review! :D
and my best time is about 10 or something....i suck at the games i make *blush*

Fun games.

The Bag Race game was pretty fun. If you can add sound and add a computer to race against or something, it would be awesome.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Ok, the meaning of the BAG game was really to have a scoreboard there, but NG couldnt take it!