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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"

yay.. Norway

lol.. game wasn't to good.. but the Norwegian stuff gives you 10 on everything :D Norwegian rules :P

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Herligt :)


der finner du norske versionen av spillet, med highscore!

Wow... really good!

I give this a 4 for one reason... it needs more sounds and background music... but this is definate front page material!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Wow....thank you....i was thinking about that BG music...maybe ill add some in another game!


you have a great talent for action script i like this game
by the way the only problem with it is that i found a magical spot on the balance game where it does not move and my score is continously going up it is still going atm it is on 527 and still going now 800
keep up the good work

-==<<i like to drink jacks>>==-

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Thanks. and that "magical spot" is something i have been trying to figure out how to remove!

-==<<i like to drink dogs>>==-


Hallo, jeg ga deg 5 jeg, veldig moro, det beste var pixel copter.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Hooray for deg....nå ble jæi gla!

why 7???

even though this 'anthrology' sucked, i enjoyed it
there is a certain appeal in retro stuff i guess
i didn't get that stuntman game though. wtf do you do?
i think you should release another one of these, with better and more games

Norwegian-Blue responds:

well...its not THAT retro...or..i didnt try to make it that way! 7 is good for me....

If you read over "stuntman" you will see that its not completed, i just put it there for the hell of it

and if i make more silly games i will probably make another.