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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"

Good Game!

I liked playing Bagrace and the Balance-game, only Pixel-Copter I didn't really like, but it was great!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Hooray! thanks for the review.

Great Game!

Hey NB, it's me, that is a great game you gt goin right there. Good luck with that other game you are working on too.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

whoho...10...thanks for the review.


Im still tired from playing it... took me an hour and a half to finish. Its GREAT. If it wasnt in a small screen id swear it was a REAL PC game =). I LOVE IT!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

one and a half hour =S.... thank you.

These games were actually good!

NB! Game Anthology, what a great name, and not only that. the games themselves are great aswell. I mean, the graphics vary from game to game. The first game, the balancing one, that had the best graphics out of the whole lot. The second game, the potatosack one, it's alright although as said before, it would be nice to have a computer to race against and some background music. For the copter/monkey game, lol, the graphics do kind of suck but that's the point right? "pixel" copter. As goes for the stuntman game, it was very glitchy and incomplete but you said that within the game so it's all cool. This was very entertaining. Thank you.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

no, thank YOU!

Not bad, not bad at all

Finally thier was a videod gamed that expressed my love for playing the potatosack race. Congrates on that. Oh, and the money's, nice touch.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Who doesnt like good old potatoesack racing?