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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"

Absolutly Great!

Great little games man! The Railsliding one is my favorite. And that was some awesome music for the helicopter one. Gotta go check the Audio Portal out ;). In conclusion, excellent work. You deserved that 10.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Yes....the Audio Portal is a hidden treasure in the realm of NG!

Good Job!!!!

Keep up the good work, and make another one! =)

P.S. - The music is awesome in the pixel coptor game!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

You can download the music free from Audio Portal by pressing the link next to "audio" on the left!


verry good, all the games were fun,i liked the balance 1 the best,good job keep it up

Norwegian-Blue responds:

thank you iggy......ill keep it up ;)

Good for PC's but...

Yo, It would be good if it was adapted for macs. I have one and its only got one button on the mouse, as most macs do. Therefore I cant play bagrace. Other than that, good job.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

well, you may find this funny...but this game is made with a mac, im sitting on a mac right now....G4 to be exact....I cant see what the problem is, since bagrace is controlled with the arrow keys!

not bad.

rather origional, yet addicting...a work of art. congrats.


Norwegian-Blue responds:

thanks for the kind words, mr.dictator...hail