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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"



Norwegian-Blue responds:


Was good

You get 5

Norwegian-Blue responds:

You get a big thank you!

NB! Game Anthology

This is a decent little collection of old-school-esque games, unfortunately it's just a gimmick of sorts, and it's not really bringing anything new to the table.

What it does do, however, is carefully craft a smart, handful of games. Graphically, the games are a mixed bag. NSBalance and Bag Race are easily the best looking games in this collection. They do what they're supposed to and animate very nicely. On the other hand, they really don't offer anythign mind blowing, or jaw dropping. Maybe some more background/foreground effects, or what not. Then we have Pixel Chopper and Stuntman, both of which sport pixel-like graphics, do a nice job of replicating an Intellivision/Atari kind of feel, which is what you were obviously going for. Though again, nothing revolutionary.

Sound also was a bit of a grab bag. Both NSBalance and Pixel Chopper each have different background music. I really dug the Pixel Chopper music, and thought it fit in with the older graphics you were going for. It also reminded me a bit of Megaman for some reason. Unfortunately that was the only sound in this submission. The other two games were lacking in any noise at all. All in all, the sound was average, yet fitting.

There wasn't really any humor or violence, but that's alright because what was supplied was some great interactivity. There were four different games each with there own controls, and a different feel to each of them, which shows a higher-knowledge of action-script on your part, which is excellent. The menus were also terrific with the rollover pictures inside the tv screen which was a nice touch. I even found your "I rock your socks," message amusing...you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately that's why I'm going to have take points away in the interactivity department. I only found that message because I wasn't quite sure what to do in "Bag Race" and my man went all the way to the left of the screen, and it didn't stop. I had to exit out of the window and relaunch the game. Another problem with this collection was that the Stuntman game was way too buggy, and there's no reason to have included it on here. Maybe as a hidden bonus, or an easter egg, but to include it as a game was probably not the best choice.

Overall, I do feel this is a nice little collection of short, gimmick games, and it efficiently shows a vast knowledge of action script on your part. Now I think you would have an even bigger success if you took all these ideas and more, and included them all into one, larger game. For now though, this is a refreshing break from all the pedestrian games that come through the Flash Portal now a days. DreOK300 gives "NB! Game Anthology" a well deserved 7 out of 10.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Norwegian_Blue gives "DreOK300's review" a well deserved 25 out of 10.

Thanks for the awsome review!

good job

Pretty well designed. The games all looked top-notch. I especially liked the helicopter game with the double dragon music. Really stylish. Playing the game was fun for a while, only they all lasted a little bit too short. But still, nice piece of actionscripting though... And that from the guy who learned me how to do a replay button. lolz. U probably dont remember anymore but i asked u how to do a replay button a while ago and then used the code u gave in my first movie short skirt/long jacket and again in my second one, out of control. Tanx again man.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

A master never forgets his aprentice....or...wait..i did.....good to know i helped....just ask if ya need more help!

Thanks for the review!

Good Start

I think this game (er... games) were very solid. They were fun but seemed like they had a little missing. Like only two of the games had music (I used to love Double Dragon and the music was excelent for the monkey catching thing). The other game and menu wanted music too :(. And also it could use a little graphicily. Like on the balancing one like to show the guy kinda of slipping off to a side when off-balance (I'm no pro in flash games so I don't know how difficult that would be... ). I do understand the pixilated graphics for the monkey catching game for a retro look. Any way that's my two cents, great game!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Thanks for the review!

"Style: 10" ^__^ thanks....