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Reviews for "NB! Game Anthology"

If you wanted to use my music.....

you should have given me credit (Killtony 01), I hate when people steal my music without giving me credit, believe me, its happened more than once.....

By all means the games were cool but please give me credit and my temper will disappear. My fav was the ski balancing game, but it was kinda easy, you should try to make each left or right tab affect the balnce more when you go more to the sides, and you should lose balance progressively quicker when the meter goes to the sides, believe me, that would make all the difference.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

So, very sorry....i was looking for the number, but i had renamed the sound file and i couldt find it in the portal again....thank you very much for the sound clip!

i love it!!! :)

that was really good
i gave it an five
that was one of the best work i have seen on ngs

Norwegian-Blue responds:

OGM thank you :D

good i gave it a 5

some of the best work youve done

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Thank you!

now if i could only get that award :)


Totally KickAss.

I loved it. cool pixel work, and the games were fun too!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

10 for me, 10 for you!

i think i know that music

is it from double dragon?

this is an exellent game. good graphics. did take a while to figure out the monkey net game's controls cause im slow

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Well...i didnt make the instructions for nothign foool