Reviews for "First Winter Snow"

A section of my story, yet to be officialy named

Aria found some dried sticks, and cast "Burn". She curled up beside the fire, but it didn't warm her very much as the cold wind cut across the empty field. The sun hid behind dark clouds and soon, it began to snow. Aria slowly and solemnly stood and looked up at the flakes falling down.
"Koro... you certainly would enjoy the snow, wouldn't you...?" she whispered. Tears slowly crept down Aria's face. She tried to remember the fun times they had together, but all she thought of was her mangled body, ripped to shreds by the wolves in the pit. "Torek... TOREK, YOU BASTARD!" The ground shook as Aria brought forth stones and shattered them with lightning.
As she was about to destroy another boulder, she remembered Koro's face. It almost seemed as it was telling her, "Heh, you would do that, wouldn't you? You can't even stop a mage weaker than you, yet you shatter stones. You're helpless, Aria."


this made me speechless.... so sad ,yet beautiful, a good melody, its like a sad story being told through music.


I cry when I hear this Song!!


it sounds a little like the game color my heart and the other games like it.really nice

As a piano player and a die-hard Evanescence fan, I can safely say that this is absolutely stunning. It's soulful and softly expressive. It's exactly how a piano should be used, and frankly, this is a huge inspiration musically. Thank you for this piece!