Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"

Incredible... just.... *dances* XD

I absolutely love it, seriously well done! This is going straight on my Ipod lol.

*starts dancing again*

Definitely makes me feel bouncy =).

Desyre responds:

Lol... thanks man :D

Sex for the ears, yet again

I said this before to the demo. i dunno if you remeber me xD i was sayin sometihng like "I was being raped in the ear by some hot ear-raper. You WIN GOOD DAY sir...". Aanyway, fuck your awsomeness extremly hard cos your GOd. YOU Are Chuck Norris (or female Chuck Norris if your a chick xD). How the hell do you make music so beatuiful it hurts my eyes. seriously. U = Win, Win = U. Keep on makin music!

Desyre responds:

LOL... nice :D And yeah... I am a chick (hence being envy's girlfriend). Thank you for your wicked awesome comment... It made me happy :D


So, I first heard this a while ago, and read the little story/thing in your description as I listened to it, and got a feeling akin to being high... I had one of my best friends listen to it, and told him to read the same thingy... and he said he felt the same way; that it gave him a sensation of being high. (And I didn't previously tell him how it affected me, or that it even had in any way)

So wow... xD I'm impressed lol

Since I first heard this, it has, truthfully, become one of my top favorite NewGrounds songs, and one of my favorite techno songs on my ipod. ::Thunbs up::

Desyre responds:

Thank you very much! :D :D :D

You made me very happy XD


Please finish this :D

Amazing intro. Got me hooked the first time I heard it.