Reviews for "Inanimate Hour"


It sounds like a funny enough idea, have the inanimate objects in life come to life. I really feel that if you had added something more to animation, like a background in which the inanimate objects do their job, it would add much more to this episode. Having the objects be alive is interesting, but when they are out of their surroundings, it just does not tend to make much sense. The voice for the orange was fine, but the pencil seemed to be near impossible to decipher what was being said. The objects all look realitively fine, and easily identifiable.



Didn't make much since though. Not bad. Hope it isn't blammed

Ball was right...

Nobody cares what they do....at least I don't..

The graphics were all right, but the "story" was way to boring...
Also the voice of the pencil was way to annoying and irritating to really hear it....
Anyway...if you work this out you might have an entertaining series, but as yet I don't think so...

I see potential

You need a new voice for the pencil first. You also need a background. I see where you're going with this. I could probably give you some ideas on AIM, just IM me if you want. You could actually make this a funny series...>_>

peop ARE dumb

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