Reviews for "Inanimate Hour"

surprised this isn't doing well

guess someone with a high voting power doesn't like u


I love these characters! Please, expand on this series more... I'd love to watch future movies with these characters in them.


DropTrou responds:

Hey thanks, I really didnt think much of this when i sent it in... I think Im gonna get a better mic so the whole thing sounds better, and add some more characters. There WILL be another one.

the voice acting was brilliant, the drawings were good, the jokes weren't funny. You could probably take this and run with it and become the next IWP


u need to get this thing longer... and develop a good plot.


This reminded me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force for some reason. Anyways I likeed the idea, but the sounds needs work, you can hardly hear it. I thought the "BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" at the end, while not needed, (this IS newgrounds after all) was quite funny, I duno... ANyway I liked it! good luck!