Reviews for "Inanimate Hour"

A good first try.

I think this should be a first draft. I'm gonna sound like a damn english teacher here, but the characters weren't very developed, and while the jokes weren't funny, it has potential. It wasn't bad animation, it just needs story and more development in every area. Though I understand you wanna save all your good jokes for the other series. This should be a good summer side-project.


Ideas for another episode? Here's one,don't.Try a different kind of cartoon,maybe one with some humor.And for the record,this movie wasn't as original as you inferred.sorry if this review sounds hateful.

no story

since it had no story and nothing relly happened i have to vote 2


Graphics: horrible
Sound: Horrible
Interactivity: Horrible
Style: horrible
Violence: Horrible
Humor: Horrible

Conclusion: Youre great!!!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!!! WOOOT!

Or there was nothing to this movie.

Nice mouthing, ok voices, but there was no story. Nothing happened, and it wasn't funny. And I wouldn't call your toon original.