Reviews for "Inanimate Hour"

can't hear what they're saying

the pencils voice was annoying next time you could have backgrounds


it is no good,try harder

it is too short and it is not relly funny at all

I see potential

You need a new voice for the pencil first. You also need a background. I see where you're going with this. I could probably give you some ideas on AIM, just IM me if you want. You could actually make this a funny series...>_>

Ball was right...

Nobody cares what they do....at least I don't..

The graphics were all right, but the "story" was way to boring...
Also the voice of the pencil was way to annoying and irritating to really hear it....
Anyway...if you work this out you might have an entertaining series, but as yet I don't think so...

that was a good idea of mediorcracy

graphics were ok, but its boaring. everyones voice sounds the same. like some kinda freshman. It was very unfunny and predictable, and you need to elliminate the static background.