Reviews for "Inanimate Hour"


ok i got one a couple of kids play wall ball with baul and so when baul gets back to the other guys all beat up rock calls up his buddy shenky the shiv who just got outta the slam to fuck those little bastards up

an idea for an episone... hmmm...

how about a midget pilgrim with herpes that turns into a super hero and makes rabid weasels fuck chickens in the ass?

Well done

It's so short, yet it hold alot of meaning and is just funny as hell, specially when the ball explodes at the pencil for being an ass.. ^_^

peop ARE dumb

dude iv seen your other flashes and there all three second long jokeless slices of steemy turd squeezed off by a 324 pound man with a case of wow im ugly-itas but hey if u keep on keepen on like jo dirt good thing will come ur way like space penuts

Good voices

It was interesting how this got through not that it's not good just people are dumb.