Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


that kicked ass:P if there was an eleven, this would be it. lol, i wish i had Billy's mom:P. MILF roflmao sweet job, should be a 3rd


Go bob! i love bob, i think you should definately make a third! The flash was amazing, and was the idea to have rosie o donnel living in a sewer.......lol!

MILF, M.I.L.F. Funny stuff!

Whoever criticises this in a negative manner is probably 30 and still lives with his mother.


i say we inform mr. fulp that there should be a hall of fame for the best flashes and my number one pick would be this.... bob the ball ep 2. anyone who thinks the same. should tell mr. fulp

mlaskaris responds:

Thanks! There are better animations out there, though...



This is really funny, but still not as funny as the first. The voices are different in this one (Like Billy's and Randy's), but thats ok. I hope you make a third one, I bet it will kick ass. Keep up the awsome work.

"As Randy picked up the baseball bat"