Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


I've been waiting for this, and it finally came! This one was great, but I still think the first one was better.

"Billys mom is a MILF". XD


That was weird. It was like something i dreamed up while i was on crack. Make more.

Thanks for making me pround to call you fella.

I really enjoyed this movie. The style was unique and your images were pretty good. I thank you for the advice about dinosaurs. My mech unit has been sitting in my garage for years and these dinosaurs just won't go away. You just saved my and my dog's lives. I owe you one.

Awsome man!

Heh, great workm Mike, your a genius! I loved the bit with the Battle mech! I didn't see that coming!

it was alright

it was cool