Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


Original art style and great humor make Bob the ball series rock! This one was even funnier then the first one,especially because this one has more animation in it. I didn't find anything in here that needed improvement!

mlaskaris responds:


As for things that need improvement...
I could've added a little more enthusiasm to the narration, and I could have spent more time on the voice acting. But as long as more people like it than hate it, I can be happy.



Dude, the safety song rocks. I know now the dangers of lesbians in the sewers.

Lol, you really made Billy a retard. I loved it how you brought everyone back in, but Billy's retard voice was a bit much. Too much retard, too little Billy lol. I think I preferred it when you didn't put voices, but lol the gags in this one were hilarious. Fantastic work as usual, lol I loved Billy running the best. Lol, I'm listening to it now, I can't stop laughing. Great work!


PS: Randy slept with Billy's Mom?! Or did I misinterpret!
PPS: Nearly all 10's! That's something so rare from me it's not funny. If only interactivity... Bah, great work!

mlaskaris responds:

Thanks for the 10's!

Yep, that whole "accidental" scene was set up to hint that Randy *may* be Billy's father (or he thinks he is). I don't have a definite answer, though.


2 pinky up

LOL this is the most random crap ever, Screw the haters, they just can't understand a masterpiece when they are looking at it. Keep up the good work its good and so random thats the best part!

when ever im sad i watch this

it makes me laugh and makes me happy. its on eof the funnier things on newgrounds. good job