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Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


Funny like the first one, but seems rather random compaired to the first one.

George washington christ!!! :D

You are brilliant.

Well, my friend, you did it again. See? I knew you could make a proper sequel to 'Bob the Ball' and you did it. Maybe you shouldn't give up children's stories - you're damn good at it.

But I still think the most phenomenal part of this flash movie is the voice acting. Take a look at anything else on Newgrounds using voices and they all pale immensely in comparison. And for this type of flash, it boosts its impact that much more.

Keep it up. I know you'll make more good flashes in the future.

holy god man!!

yeah that gets a perfect score from me!! i laughed my ass off!!! hahahahahahaha!! i am adding this to my faves for sure and now i have to check out your other work...way to go man..got me started...


I havent seen something this funny on Newgrounds since Beebo! The jokes are so original and priceless.


This is fucking great man! these are the funniest serie on newgrounds!
CanĀ“t wait until the next episode!!!