Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"

ummm ok

I thought the original was better but this one was very good. Keep on rollin (get it its a joke because hes a ball and he rolls) im expecting at least one more.

new, and definately something different

what to say.
That WAS BLOODY FUNNY. i watched it again 2 make sure it wasnt just the booze.
it wasnt.
nice job.

Defenitly not for children

This flash is even more vulgar than Episode 1. I liked that. But I have a little constructive criticism for you. Change the name from "Bob the Ball" to "Bob and the Nazi Pirates". HAHA!!! Actually I am kidding. Don't change a thing.

not all too great

awsome animation and idea, but i think that it was too long with too little jokes


i alredy said this this is FUKIN AWESOME keep up da good work