Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


I must say that, this was a stroke of genius.. i laughed... i laughed some more and then i erected a shrine to you. Awesome job dude


I would have never thought of doing a weird story book cartoon with a ball as the main charecter.

i love you i will worship the ground you are on

you are amazing you are god

mlaskaris responds:

I am no god. I'm just an immature guy with some fancy software and a little too much free time.

But thanks!



one of the most unique pieces of work on newgrounds, i'm not sure how many hours of work goes into each episode, but I hope you continue the series!


hahahah ohhh what a fun zombie nazi pirate,safety song,big dino's with hats,battle mech natural enemy,the big fat lesbian,i cant stop laughing hahah