Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"


your gonna have to do better than that. Dicks do not make a catoon funny. If you spend time making homosectual related content, i have come to two conclusions, 1, you are gay your self, or 2, you cant provide humor without using perverted jokes.
If you hate John & Richie so much, then why dont you try to make a better cartoon. They never used a single dick joke and they still continue to make me laugh my ass off and they're much better at animation than you. But I did like the music a little, so I gave it a 6. But that doesnt make up for your awful sence of humor.
One more thing, I've noticed about half of your submissions have violated the NG submission regulations. HMMMMM.... I wonder why


Who let all your shit through?

I cried laughing.

That was so damn funny.
Too bad there were no Final Fantasy references...
J/k... Final Fantasy is for nerds.


... you are the howard stern of newgrounds.

Woah now... ^-^;

You have some good talent, but you may want to look into your strange obsession with homo-erotica. Seriously, people are starting to wonder.