Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"


HAHAHA, holy shit man you rock!


can i ask you something piconjo why do you have such a big grudge agaist legendaryfrog and that fatbastard in the movie huh?. also why are you so obsessed with dicks? but anyways that was a great movie.


That was amazing, purely amazing. How the kirbys where playing instruments with their dicks brung a tear to my eye. The question: How can crap like this not be blammed comes to mind.

This is some damn funny stuff, albeit homo-erotic.

Hehe.. Ok, I have to admit, I cannot stop laughing at this film! It takes more than a "crap animator" to do this stuff, especially perfectly balancing the comic timing of sound and the animation in general.

All you people blamming Piconjo, take a look at this submission and think. It's a pretty good animation, it's just an acquired sense of humour to find it truly hilarious. Please don't rag off it just because it has a hell of a lot of penises in it. Look at the other reviews before you watch it, so you can decide whether you want to or not, instead of just voting 0 on it and giving it a blamming review. That way, it's a fair system :).

Word of advice though, Piconjo dude, this stuff truly is funny for my sense of humour, but if you made something completely original up to go with it, it'd be even better :), instead of ragging on Legendary Frog and John/Richie all the time.

May I also say, Piconjo, your comic replies to reviews are priceless. :) Please do one on me!

Keep on..umm.. splooging, dude!

I <3 j00, Piconjo!

holy shit that was funny

haha i luv joo piconjo <3