Reviews for "Here You Lay {=MMD=}"


Don't ever stop doing what you do. Ever. :)


Hey guy your song are absolutly great! Hot stuff...

Awesome song!

This song is great!
Its awesome and keep up the good work!


You, I have to say, have one of the most beautiful voices. I can't get over how well this is sung, and not to mention the amazing lyrics. At first, when I read them before the song started, I couldn't picture anybody being able to pull them off impressively, but you certainly managed. I also feel I should compliment the music; it was subtle, and very melodic in the background, but I think everyone knows that the vocals were the most captivating part... Which is why I have to download this.
I really can't get over how beautiful this song is... It's heart-wrenching, emotionally provoking, and I can relate to the lyrics so well. You did a wonderful job making this song. Don't you love the sound of writer's block washing away? It's a great sensation, right?
<3 Much love - you made my month, with that right there.


Wow I really like the mood of it, sad yet so peaceful. Didnt know that you can sing that well too