Reviews for "Here You Lay {=MMD=}"

Way to butt-rock!

Tell me, is it difficult to play the piano with wrists that limp?

Well you have some nice contrapuntal vocal harmonies to distract me from the weak main melody and depressingly conventional lyrics. Whenever you sing "lay" your charming midwestern accent transforms it into "lah-i-eh." Very cute.

You said the lyrics are open to interpretation, so I'm gonna take a stab at it. The most predominant them is "here you lay", which has meaning in both sex and death, so I'm going to assume your discussing the torrid love affair between someone and corpse. Due to the gender neutrality of the narrator, I can only infer that both the narrator and the cadaver are men. Man... way to tackle the subject of gay necrophilia. It's very brave of you.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hahaha... waits guys... no seriously wait... I got this one... don't worry... I have the perfect comeback for someone of his maturity level... trust me, this one will shut him up for sure.

wait for it...


"I know you are but what am I?"

HA!... take that. I bet your perplexed now!

But in all seriousness folks... this song is about fucking dead people. I can't lie... he was bang on.

To answer your question btw... it's quite easy for me to play the piano... and in fact the curvature of the wrist really gets the blood going... however your father tells me you play a mean skin flute... so I bow to your mastery.

Have a nice day.
Oh... and write another one of those touching "blues" songs... I could really feel the passion behind it.


One of my fans had you favorited as an artist and I ended up here.. and I have to say that this is so stunning, This isn't my style of music, but I know you have tons of talent in this area... Im startled , excellent work


damn your amazing 10 just 10 i'd give more but cant


this is amazing..

wow : )

all i thought was that new grounds was all action and sex but thi toutched me and now i know it can be calm and peacful to good job man