Reviews for "Here You Lay {=MMD=}"



what happend

all your new music is pop what happened to all the classical i miss the classical milkman-dan when is he coming back

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Your Right. We need some more classical up in here.

Good song - More clear words/dynamics wanted

My wife sorta likes it. She suggests the following to make it better.

1st Need to make it so someone can understand the lyrics better. When it was sung, there was more focus on the sound than the words (helpful lyrics post btw). The words were important, but the words weren't being delivered to the audience.

2nd When she could make out what they were saying, the music didn't quite get as powerful in a certain section that she believed it should have. The dynamics are slightly off.

Overall, not bad, although usually she doesn't assess songs. If she doesn't like a song, it usually can't be fixed. It was unusual that she could see how this song could be better.

its really good

the lyrics i didnt like till the chorus where they fit perfectly. just need to work the rythm a tiny bit more. but other than perfect work great song


The vocals and beat fit perfectly.go you