Reviews for "Here You Lay {=MMD=}"

wow good song

good song i had this on repet of about 10 times maby or a bit moreand it help me out a lot i love the song good job

Very good

Sounds very good in general, and it has a beautiful intro
Too bad It has some minor points though :/
I always loved the "chaos" in quite a lot of your songs, but it has never been this much :S
There's too many vocals, repeating everything you sing first.
And the piano is sometimes a bit too much..

But It's still a very good song,
Another congratulations on this new submission :p

Did you write the lyrics?

Did you sing them?

Instrumentation was spectacular. There were some parts where it sounded.. a little off tempo or something...
Some of the vocal parts had a little too many effects on it.

I think you should lengthen this by about another minute.

Have your ending become the bridge..
"Here you lay
repeat this a few times and come back into the chorus, another verse then end with the chorus followed by the trailing : here you lay ooOOOoo's again.


-i2 (Paul)


This song is great, maybe a little whispy, and the verses are not too great, but everything else is good.

Pretty good

Your right that the voices are slightly whispy but it's still a good idea