Reviews for "Here You Lay {=MMD=}"


I love this song and all that it is, but I must add a small critique. After the first verse, you unexpectedly burst in there with the chorus. I would suggest a little 2nd verse in between the two for buildup. Secondly, the use of the second voice (reverb, echo, or another person), is really good, but in the midst of certain parts in the chorus, it comes out oddly. Just my little thoughts. Keep on truckin' cause you're awesome at heart.


This really grabbed my attention. Great start. Great to relax with. Good as to being ambient and interesting to listen to. And the singer is pretty good. It's pretty good how their voice fades out at times when they keep the note going. Oh and when it breaks out a little later in, it'd still be great to listen to. Good way to break into it and then go back to the original way. The voices are pretty good around 1:50 I personally thought. The drums going a lot of the time definitely sounded good. The instruments came together pretty well. So good job overall. This caught my attention and definitely kept it the whole time. Thanks for being another great song to listen to. Keep up the good work.

Determination, effort, and time will bring you a long way.


It's fucking great i dont like pop or such things but this is only great


Try using a girl in the vocals.

It would be perfect...

good stuff

I can't help but give you a 5/5 because of the arrangement and the vocal effects, frking great dude. But I will say, its awfully soft for my style. It reminds me alot of Linkin Park's lyricism, perhaps you should consider adding a bit of heavy synth or guitar and mimicing their style a bit, although, such would be condemnable for lack of originality. I do like it though, very well put together. Props.