Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"

Greatest EVER!

Holy shit. That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I thought retarted animal babies was funny, but this blows that one way away. !Bueno trabajo! That was perfect, except on my computer the text got cut off, but who cares?!


That was bloody brilliant! extremely good work, i'm gonna go through all your other stuff now, you gotta make something similar to this, it was friggin art.

PS. That snake impersonation was FLAWLESS.

So Funny

Rofl This was so funny, I cant explain it,
plz plz plz make more.


That was sooooo cool i enjoyed that sooo much it was just like the game

You know what

This was on the frontpage in the top10 then in the top 50s and still no award for this funny flash...weird