Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"


That was amazing! Great Job!

Good Work

Two submissions on the front page on the same time? You lucky dog, you!

haahahha!!!! holy shit... ... that was funny

damn that was great, funny as hell.... good job..... that was great........ ok.....

funniest piss take of mgs ive ever seen

absouloutly hallarious it deserves to be no.1 in the best ever at least but i guess only people who play the game can see how outstandingly funny it is


This is possibly the best flash ive seen on Newgrounds ever. The way snake tries to get the guards attention almost killed me. watch this, enjoy it, watch several more times then try out my other fave, Mario Kart Underground, another ace of El Cids (or Rodrigo, whichever you prefer). What are you still reading this for? GO GO GO!!!!!