Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"

I hope Hideo Kojima sees this

Funny as hell if your a metal gear fan.

Solid Snake would be proud

that is he funniest mgs parody i have ever seen more more more we want a sequal


Happy birthday to David!!! nuthin luck gettin drunk with a buncha guys on ur birthday. Great flash


THAT WAS HILLARIOUS! I really liked it! That's also funny how you changed metal gear solid: the twin snakes (I belive it was) to Metal Gear Fiesta: The twin tacos.

That was really amazing. I hope you could do another spoof! ^_^

*adds subbmission to faves*


i dont care what anyone says that was the funniest flash movie i have seen in my life. good work i would love to see more like this in the future.