Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"

bloody ace

that was so funny i lmao at the part where the guard couldnt hear him and flatulency got him caught well done man

Funny, faithful, and genius

This hilarious flash is faithful to the original classic MGS, and has genuinly laugh-out-loud moments, like the deaf guard. I should be scholding El-Cid for making fun of one of my favourite games of all time, but I'm gonna let it pass, cause it's so damn funny! A must watch, whether you've played the game or not.


Dude, Sweet Entry. I like that. You stayed with the game graphics which I liked. Funny concept too. I hate the damn coronel. He alwayss talks to you at dumb times. Keep it up.


whats the name of the song on the scene deaf guard? it was a coool song and funny video!! i luve it!! awesume!!


the fiesta kinda killd it for me but the rest was absolutely hilarious