Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"

i just want you to notice somehting

I am giving you a 3 for your interactivity. And that is much more then I would give MGS2 for interactivity. Ohter then that, I loved it. I was eatting a sandwitch at the knocking crate part, and I had to stop eating or I was gonna laugh up my food on my monitor. In other words: Very funny, keep up the goodo work!!

Best MGS Spoof Ever!

LoL!Notonly wasit funny, it was an incredible job with the sprites and all.If Kojima saw this he would piss his pants...in laughter...who knows...that could be one of his next ideaslol.

Keep up the good work.

That was f -ing halarious

God Bless you for making such a sooting spoof for such a perfecut game to spoof


man... I wasn't expecting to hear that old rap song anwho that was a really good MSG vid

completely amazing! I LOVED IT!

that was great. i love the "select button" idea. hahaha