Reviews for "Metal Gear Fiesta"

Oh, so the guard was deaf. I didn't like this as much as most people. I guess I'm not into Metal Gear parodies that much. It doesn't help that I'm not familiar with the games. I still thought this was pretty funny. The best part is probably how the animation moves so well.

Okay, that's an overstatement. It's quite cheesy, but it works so well that way. I like the little things that pop out. The funniest part was probably him asking where the buttons are. It was just a nice cartoon.

Still one of my favorites, and over a decade later wow.

lol its so funny and tomorrow its my birthday animo jaja felizcumple a mi! y a snake!

10 years, a month, and 20 days... Pretty incredible. It's aged, but it's still funny. 5/5! Thanks for the memories! Off to the sequel! :D

...........................This flash video is 10 years old.