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Reviews for "Epidemic FX"


50 hours dude! that is sick, which only shines when listening to this song. The sheer complexity of this tune is amazing. Love the pads in the last 20 seconds of the tune. I'm sorry to say this on my first review of your first song, but I know you've heard it before-this begs for a longer version! But, I don't dock any points for that as always. not even .001 pt. =>gotta download, 10/10; 5/5; favorite song; favorited artist too

Love it, please add me to your list of ppl you notify with updates.

axeFX responds:

You'd think 50 hours would produce at least a 3 minute song... (dunno wat my problem is)

Epidemic FX

I've listened to this song over and over for a long time, and it really doesn't get old. That's one great aspect of the song.

I'd also like to mention that it's great that you decided to make your own synthesizers for this. The song on its own would have been just fantastic and gotten a 10, but the technical accomplishments in this would have pushed the score higher, if it was possible.

On to the actual song, your intro's great. It sounds like a nice background melody for a mediocre puzzle game, but the synthesizer at 7 seconds is a nice and refreshing surprise. It's really raw and has an offset for the stereotypical intro you had going on. I also like the quick claps you threw in there. I guess the intro's long here, because I don't consider the song actually starting until 54 seconds. You just grouped the earlier transitions too close together for them to be separate parts of the song.

So, when you're at the main part of the song, it's epic melody time, and you don't fail to deliver. Sick synthesizer and sick build up leading into the continuation of the epic melody. The song finishes off with the main sounds along with a few effects. That part doesn't last long, but the ending remains.

The endings great, it might be a bit short but it's still a "wow factor" of the song. I like those drums and the quick, scratchy fade that lasts one second. Matches that raw synthesizer we heard at 7 seconds.

It shows that you put 50 hours into this song. It's really organized. The transitions grouped so close together actually works well for this song because you can put in a wide array of melodies. Conclusion: Great song, and the custom synthesizers make it that much more of an accomplishment.

P.S. Glad to see you here!

axeFX responds:



Well, it sounds like you definitely, and its not bad, can't believe I'm the first review..

axeFX responds:

thx man