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Reviews for "Epidemic FX"


Why so nondescript? You are freaking 1337 at what you do! Brag a little, or I will! (This guy is amaaazing) Nice kickoff to your account, I'm expecting more great stuff from you. I really liked the 2-bit gameboy-ish sounds you put in, and the synths are really fantastic (as always). Keep it up, G! 10/10 5/5

axeFX responds:

What are you talking about... I SUCK =[

teh maestro has arrived

Sounds like musical genius, could it be a up and coming messiah? Has he commeth?

axeFX responds:

ol axeth FXeth has commeth


I think one of the things that make this a brillient track is (like your metioned in your comments) its synths going all through this track
Keep up the awesome job "axeFX"

axeFX responds:

This was like my first attempt at making one melody last through the whole song


awsome job man ^-^
favorite part is the ending XD
keep up the good work :3

axeFX responds:

thx for the review man


Very neat song, I like it alot.


axeFX responds: