Reviews for "ricky"


everything was good except for the fact that the only thing that moved was their heads and mouths. if you wouldve put more work into it then this couldve been better


That was great. Who did the audio? Was that a pre-existing clip that someone did? Anyway, great job on mouth animations. Also, great touch with the blinking. Great job here.

Ricky Henderson x28

Yes, I counted, and Ricky says his name 28 times! I loved the closing line too!

I'm not quite sure I didn't realise this sooner...

but it was only when you submitted Space Tree #3 that I noticed the same person who made Space Tree... made Hat and Haircut, flashes I reviewed many months beforehand.

OGM. So, I'm gonna revisit another flash.

The Simpsonian influence on your work was never more evident than in this piece... which really doesn't do your sense of humour as much justice as the aforementioned hat/haircut/ST the ST flashes do... BUT... in terms of visually interpreting a soundbitthingie, this is an excelklence example. Ricky Henderson is quite the character already, and David Cross adds a multiplying effect. I love his deadpan stare at Ricky during the whole "interview." Niceness!

not bad

even though i dont know who Ricky Henderson is I was quite amused