Reviews for "ricky"


looks kinda like the simpsons.

Not to your standard

The problem with being as good as you are at comedy flashes is that the second you do something like this, you know take a sub-par sketch and make a flash for it, you will be remembered for that rather than the good flashes you have done. This was nowhere near as funny as your other stuff and I know you are not the comedian and this was merely an audio file but it doesn't excuse the fact that by the third ricky whatever I wanted to kill myself. Do better next time.


The comedian is david cross in case people are wondering. And you get a 4 because its not something you thought up. You just made some animation for it.


which comedian was that? or was that your voice, just curious, pretty funny flash, good job :)

too damn funny

Man, you are the funniest animator flash guy in the fkn universe!!!