Reviews for "ricky"

Catch Phrase

Why do I have a feeling that when my friends see this, they'll keep refering to themselves as Ricky Henderson.

Anyway great job and It's very original


DOOD! THAT ANIMATION WAS PRO! and it was funny! you should really keep up the good work, im sure next time if you made a longer 1, it wood be like, in the top 10


everything was good except for the fact that the only thing that moved was their heads and mouths. if you wouldve put more work into it then this couldve been better


Laughed all the Way through it! Perfect in every way basically, hahaha, still laughing ten minutes after HAHAHA!!!! pure genius, or just lucky, love it love it love it!!

Nice Flash

The movie sucked, but the graphics were good, so thats why i gave it a 5.