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Reviews for "Dementor Girl"


This reminds me of TheShadling's work for some reason. Have you heard of him???...or her...

TheSillyStoic responds:

Yes I know of him, he's a pretty cool guy with some interesting art. Also thanks for the review :D


Love the usage of black and white in this. Really makes the entire thing much more moody than if it were colored. The hands look a bit off, but I like the flow of the coat, if that's what she's wearing. Good job on the shading and lighting side of things as well.

TheSillyStoic responds:

Thanks for the review and criticism :D


Nice use of only black in this piece.

The only thing that is off is the hand but I know how hard it is to draw hands when I had to draw my own in drawing class 4.

TheSillyStoic responds:

Yeah, hands always end up a bit off when I draw them. Something I gotta practice a bit more. Anyways, thanks for the review :D