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Reviews for "Physics of a flash movie"


It's so terrible, but like you said that was intentional, and it was kind of central to this flashes meaning, you have a great sense of humor, and these really do seem to be the rules that some of these so called "animators" folllow, so kudos for calling them out on it.


It was badly animated on purpose. it's a parody animation of poor animation. It wouldn't make sense and would be stupid if well animated.

Nice idea, I liked it

It was a nice idea to take the piss out of half the crap that people submit to the portal and I strangely found myself liking it and this is the first deliberatley shit Newgrounds piss-take that I've truly enjoyed so well done, keep up the good work.

I love how you put no effort whatsoever into this but it was still good.


Needs music, and the animationg sucks major.

I know its a parody, but parodies are supposed to be good.

Not trying to be abusive, but this could use a bit of work.


it wuz funny man.. just.. make it longer