Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 2"


how do u move


I still think the Xiao Xiao series should be in a Movie format.. no interactive..
But other than that still a pretty good game.

i am in control

now, if you exscuse me, i hafta find an epic game


wow very good game!

Guys, I know how to navigate through this game.

At the main menu, press the top one. On the 1st level, push the bottom button to go to the 2nd level. On the 2nd level, press the left button to go to the 3rd level. On the 3rd level, either push the left button to play the 3rd level again, or press the right button to see the different deaths and victors for the levels.

P.S. What I mean buttons, I mean them buttons on the flash game, not your keyboard. I agree with ya'll, it should be in English. I hope ya'll find my summary helpful.