Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 2"

Simplicity at it's Best

THe game itself is so simple! but the animation and the sheer simplicity of it really put it on top.

It's not the gameplay thats for real...its actually the flash and the animation thats top notch!


Nice game, love the concept but its just a bit too short...Consider maybe an extension? Either way nice job.

Simple game

This game is very simplistic, in that all you have to do is push the space bar at the appropriate moment to ensure victory in each of the three victories against various opponents. The first level sees you going up against a concrete pillar, the second a set of gun turrets and the final level a human opponent.

The bar for each level is slightly different. The first level is a simple power bar that goes up and down, the second level is a clock that turns around rpetty quickly and the last is a small bar moving left and right.

None of the levels are especially tricky, the only time it becomes annoying is when you want to progress to the next level. Because the buttons are labelled in Chinese it's hard to tell what one does what. One will take you to the next level while the other will make you replay that level. Slightly annoying,,, -_-

The best part of this is definitely the scene selection upon completing the game. It doesnt take more than a minute or two to complete, and once you have you can go back to any fight in the game and see what the outcomes were if you were unsuccessful in hitting spacebar at the right time.

This is an enjoyable enough game, and the roots for the Xiao Xiao franchise have defintiely been planted. However, its still not the series that became world famous. The next two movies are what firmly cements this series in place as some of the best stick figure animation ever. Just consider this and the original movie to be practice runs for what follows!

I think I beat the game, not sure.

Only 3 levels? Seems kinda short.


uits too hard how do u beat the damn pole somone please answer